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Biz-Sites was founded in January, 1997 as a Full Service Internet web site design and hosting company.

Biz-Sites was incorporated in July, 1998. The company is now in its sixth year of operations.

Keith Johnson, that's me above, is still the one and only employee. Biz-Sites, Inc. is definitely operated as a home based business serving the needs of home based entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses, and electronic commerce clients with personal service, seasoned experience, a flair for design, and a sense of humor.

You will always deal with the top person!

The approach I've followed is to give the client more than they bargained for while staying within their budget. Read the results for yourself......

Everyone that has seen the web-site thus far has commented on how great it looks and all ask who did it for us. So, I've been giving you a much deserved plug-cause you busted your tail and did a great job!

Keith, when we made our first contacts via the web for a web site designer, we sent 5 e- mails to different vendors, yourself included. 3 did not respond, 1 sent an e-mail two weeks later, you called the same day. We are totally convinced that if we had gone with a more commercial establishment, we'd be nowhere near where we are today. You have been extremely responsive, available, and all with good humor. You have truly taken a personal interest in the site and in its success. [email protected]

Can I help you make the transition to the Internet?

Warmest regards,

[email protected]

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