Internet Predictions


Electronic Commerce is the wave of the future. Just take a look at the predictions on this page to see where it is headed.

When I started designing e-commerce web sites in 1997 it was difficult putting all of the pieces together to make it work.

Back then an e-commerce site ran a minimum of $20,000.00 to get setup and running. Today you can get started for under $1,000.00. That's quite a change.

And today your site can have features like the big sites.

  • On-line ordering systems
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Shopping Carts
  • Site Statistics
  • and more.

For more information check out the following article.

E-Commerce Defined

Or view the many e-commerce web site options and packages we have available to you.

At a recent publishing conference, analysts predicted ecommerce could reach $1 trillion per year in the early 2000's.

$1.2 trillion in e-commerce by 2002, according to a study by ActivMedia Research and also by 2002, most business communications will arrive online by Web site, e-mail or Internet fax, or phone.

Christmas 2001 was a banner season for e-commerce because shoppers were afraid to go to malls since the attacks of September 11th.

Did you get your share of the seasonal sales?

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