What Four Words Will Increase YOUR Sales?

"We Accept Credit Cards"

  • Accepting credit cards will increase your sales dramatically!
  • Accepting credit cards will give your business instant prestige and acceptance.
  • Accepting credit cards builds confidence in your customers to order from you and order MORE!.
  • Accepting credit cards gives your business instant credibility.
  • Paying by credit card is the preferred payment method of 95% of all Internet shoppers.
  • 80% of all purchases are impulse. Grab your share by accepting credit cards!

It's a fact that the more you know about merchant programs the less you'll end up spending. We give you the details no one else does. Get educated right here. Our Merchant Info section is full of informative articles to make your decision easy.

Traditional, Mail Order, Telephone Order, and Internet Web Processing plans are available from a large selection of processors.

No tricks or scams found here! Everything is displayed for your easy comparison!

This is by far one of the largest and most informative merchant areas on the Internet!

Details and Rates
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Merchant Accounts 101
A Class not offered in college.

Credit Card Laundering
Don't do it.

Protect Yourself From Fraud
Ways to protect yourself.

Benefits of On-line Processing
It's not as expensive as you may think over 90,000 Internet merchants use this system!

Details About On-line Processing
Tech talk for integrating your shopping cart

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